Human-centered, data-driven user experience design.

I am passionate about engaging user experiences. Currently, I am the creative director at Aero Interactive and oversee user experience design across all client accounts. I began my career working in traditional design shops and in-house agencies. Over the last ten years, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with a diverse range of clients on everything from product design and web applications to websites and member portals.

I have a passion for data-driven and human-centered design. At Aero Interactive, I partner with innovative brands and B Corps that seek to bring about measurable, positive change in their communities and environments to create value-driven websites.

UX/UI & Visual Design
Human-Centered Design Thinking
Design Sprints
Audience Research
User Journey Mapping
Data Analysis & ROI Strategy
Circular Economy Design
HTML5, CSS3, SASS, PHP, jQuery, Wordpress
Branding & Collateral
Video Production
Content Writing

Adobe Creative Suite
Google Apps for Work
Google Analytics

I am passionate about design insights driven by data. Every design process begins with research, discovery and competitive analysis.

I then collaborate with the client to finalize site flow, user personas and a preliminary homepage wireframe.

Once these are approved, I create a fully interactive wireframe prototype.

The last piece is visual design – layering the brand aesthetic over the foundational wireframe prototype.

Once a design is approved and built out, I maintain ongoing partnership with clients to evaluate and monitor real user data. This allows us to iterate and fully tailor the experience to the audience over time for optimized results.

I understand that companies need design to produce measurable results. This is why I gather a deep understanding of business KPI’s and ensure the right data sets are being evaluated.

My approach to design is best summed up by this quote: “A design facilitator creates an environment where differing views are honored within the context of the larger system. Creating a shared vision of the future can also be described as finding “common ground,” a place where participants are able to get past the current situation and make decisions based on what is good for the system. In fact, designing creative solutions becomes much more straightforward if the practitioner is able to address the conflicts that arise due to differing stakeholder values, beliefs, and worldviews. By empowering all stakeholders from the beginning, it is possible to tap the creative energy of every participant so that innovative ideas emerge from the collective of the differing perspectives…Designers must help participants uncover their underlying assumptions about the problem they think needs to be solved.” 

Design is a willingness to be curious and discover unexpected results. I believe curiosity is key to innovative and impactful design.

I find inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Below are a few of my favorite podcasts:


Design Matters

GoodLife Project




Music Inspiration

User Experience Research & Journey Mapping

Platform & Web Application Design

Human-Centered Design Thinking

Mobile App Prototyping & UX Design

Digital UX & Visual Design

Data Analysis & Iteration

On a personal note

I am an ardent world-traveler and lover of culture. Inspiration is everywhere.